Smart Thermostats

One of the newer products on the market for homes is smart technology. Specifically, smart thermostats. We can install a smart thermostat in your home or office, which will have great impact on the comfort level and cost savings of your living space.

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“Smart” technology is a buzz word that is used more and more in our lives. Is “smart” worth the price tag though? While a smart fridge that can keep a running grocery list might seem more of a luxury than a necessity, a smart thermostat is something that is definitely something your home needs. The goal of a smart thermostat is to create a safer, more comfortable, and efficient space. 

  • Save Money – the ultimate goal of an HVAC system is to is to run your heating and cooling as efficiently as possible. Because an efficient system uses less energy, you spend less money on your monthly energy bill. The smart thermostat is able to help the HVAC run even more efficiently by constantly monitoring and adjusting settings so you don’t have to.
  • Smart Data – these thermostats are constantly collecting data to help it run more efficiently. If you adjust the thermostat before you go to bed, the thermostat will notice this habit and will start to automatically change the temperature at bedtime so you don’t have to. By planning ahead for scheduled temperature changes, the smart thermostat allows the HVAC to run more efficiently because it can gradually raise or lower the temperature. Manually changing the temperature causes the system to go into overdrive – using more energy as it tries to adjust the temperature as quickly as possible. 
  • Control when Away – smart thermostats can work independently to make your system more efficient, but you are ultimately in control. You are able to work with the smart thermostat using the control panel on the wall in your home, but also through an app on your smartphone. The thermostat will learn new habits over the course of a few days, if your schedule changes. You can also help the thermostat by scheduling those adjustments ahead of time. Instead of only being able to change the temperature when you are home, you can do it remotely. If you are coming home early, you can make sure it will be a comfortable temperature before you step in the door.
  • Smart Team – A smart thermostat would be able to communicate with any other smart technology found in your home, such as a security system, humidifier, or door bell. By being able to communicate, the humidifier and HVAC system would be able to work together to adjust the temperature more efficiently. A smart security system would be able to remind you of a window you forgot to shut, to prevent cool air from leaking out.
  • Motion Sensing Ability – Smart thermostats collect data through the use of motion detectors. They know if someone is home, or if the space is empty. That can be a convenient if you work sporadic hours, or if you go on vacation and forget to tell your thermostat you will be out. It’s also great for pet owners who don’t want their fur babies to get too hot or cold while home alone. If you take the same route home each day, the thermostat will communicate with the GPS on your smart phone and recognize you are on the way home. Your thermostat will then know when to start adjusting so it is comfortable when you walk in the door.
  • Measure Energy Use – the apps that come with the smart thermostat allow you to see your own data for energy use on any day, week, or month. Your energy use data is on an easy display. Most apps usually include tips for you to lower your energy usage and could be something as simple as adjusting the thermostat by 1 degree, or reminding you to change the filters in your HVAC system. It is almost like having your own energy specialist.

Don’t wait to install a smart thermostat, put it at the top of your To-Do List. It will save you money while keeping you comfortable. Our technicians are available to walk you through the choices for smart thermostats, while considering your lifestyle and your budget. Smart thermostats work wonderfully in any home or work place, and are not just for people who are good with technology. They can benefit any space. Most thermostats have large displays and are very user friendly. If you are still worried about operating the thermostat, when 360 Air Tech installs your smart thermostat, we will be there to help you with the programming and to answer any questions. It doesn’t matter if we installed it yesterday, or two years ago, we are always here to help. Give us a call today to decide which smart thermostat is right for you.