Air Scrubber Technology


Reduce Contaminants
Do you worry about what is being brought into your home? Contaminants from school, daycare or the office follow us home on hands, clothes and shoes and land on our doorknobs, counter-tops and floors. Air Scrubber by Aerus contains ActivePure Technology, proven to destroy up to 99% of all surface contaminants. Additionally, this breakthrough technology scrubs, purifies and cleans the air you breathe by reducing approximately 90% of airborne contaminants.


Banish Lingering Odors
Whether burni dinner, a family member that smokes or a pet
that’s just come in from the rain, there’s not much you can do
to prevent some of life’s odors. But now there’s something
you can do about them. Working through your heating and
air conditioning unit, the Air Scrubber by [email protected] is a unique
photocatalytic device that will significantly reduce dust, pet
dander and odors in your home. You will be able to reduce
common smells such as pet odor, cigarette smoke, paint fumes,
mold smells and of course the occasional burnt food odor


Remove Irritating Particles
Lack of sleep, sneezing, itchy, watery eyes…it’s allergy season.
Dust, mold, pollen or many of the other pollutants can cause
irritation and allergy symptoms. These contaminants can
be reduced with the Air Scrubber by [email protected] [email protected]
Technology uses specialized light waves along with a
proprietary catalytic process that creates scrubbing molecules
of oxygen and hydrogen which purify your air and reduce
irritating particles that can irritate allergy symptoms.


Extend the Life of your Hvac System
Air Scrubber by [email protected] extends the life of your existing heating and air conditioning system by trapping dirt, dust and other
debris before it enters through the filter, damaging the coils
and blower that keep your system running effectively. A
protected HVAC system can last longer, save you money on
your utility bill and reduce the need for expensive service calls.

Air Scrubbers FAQ

The ActivePure’Technology is recognized as the exclusive “Certified Space Technology” in its category.

What is Certified Space Technology?

Products and services that display the Space Certification Seal are guaranteed to have originated from technologies that came from space exploration.

What does this mean for you?

Air Scrubber by Aerus purification products use ActivePure, a variation of technology originally developed in cooperation with NASA to create a safe atmosphere for astronauts on the International Space Station. This technology is now available to protect you, your family, and your home from dust, germs, odors, pet dander, viruses and more.