Make Sure the Temperature is Perfect for a Night in on Valentine's Day

Tips for the Perfect Night In

Valentine's Day seems to sneak up every year. In the lull that occurs at the beginning of the year, people tend to forget to plan ahead. This means that singles and couples alike may be stuck at home during the Valentine's Day evening since restaurants and activities will be booked up. Whether people choose to be alone on this special night or not, the home should be comfortable and cozy. 

The best way to make sure the home is comfortable for a night in is to hold in all that expensive heat. Here are a few tips from local HVAC technicians that can help homeowners optimize the comfort of their homes and save a few dollars on bills while they are at it.  

Stop Wasteful Drafts 

strippingDrafts in the home are one of the biggest contributors to high bills and chilly rooms. Drafts occur when very little or no insulation is present between the room and the outside world, and cold air is allowed to infiltrate into living spaces. They commonly are felt near: 

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Electrical outlets
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Baseboards

Stopping all drafts in the home is nearly impossible, but with the energy and money wasted on each draft, fixing each one when they become obvious will pay dividends down the road. Start with drafty windows and doors. With simple-to-install and inexpensive weather stripping, homeowners can prevent cold air from infiltrating the home, stopping heat loss and saving tons of money on winter heating bills. 

Upgrade the Windows 

windowDrafts are found near old windows or windows that weren't properly insulated upon installation, but one of the major sources of heat loss in a home is the windows themselves. Old, outdated windows aren't very energy efficient. They allow massive amounts of heat to be lost through radiation through the glass and convection through the frame materials. Newer windows, especially new Energy Star windows, are made specifically to stop heat loss but use the latest designs. Installing new, energy-efficient windows can slash heating bills by as much as 10%. Don't run to the thermostat if rooms feel drafty and especially cold on exterior walls with windows. Start thinking about installing new windows today. 

Always Hire Professionals 

Stopping heat loss through weatherstripping and upgrading the windows will greatly save money and keep the home comfortable. But these two steps do nothing to address the heater or furnace that works hard to make all that comfort possible. When it comes time to give the heater or furnace some attention, always remember to hire professional HVAC technicians. 

Heaters and furnaces are part of a sophisticated comfort system in the home. While homeowners can make repairs to insulate the home, they should always leave HVAC maintenance and repair to experts. These experts understand how the home and HVAC system work as a team to keep bills low and maintain the heat in the home. By partnering with experts, homeowners can expect their heating equipment to last longer, and they will experience fewer problems. 

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