High-Tech Holiday Gifts That Keep on Giving

Stuff a Stocking with a New Thermostat 

Christmas time is coming, and everyone is in a hurry to try and find the perfect gift for everyone on their list. Plenty of great ideas are out there, but isn't the perfect gift something that someone will use all year long? With this in mind, it helps narrow down some of the options. 

It may seem odd, but a new smart thermostat may be one of the most thoughtful gifts that one can give. A thermostat is the control center of all home climate control equipment, so it has big implications for comfort and energy bills. By gifting a new smart thermostat, gift-givers can help homeowners get the most from their climate-control systems, saving money while also keeping them warm. Here are a few reasons why a new smart thermostat is the perfect winter holiday gift and a quick guide to common helpful features. 

Reasons a New Thermostat Will Make a Helpful Giftthermostat

The first reason a smart thermostat will make a great gift is that it is purely practical. Thermostats have a huge role to play in the comfort of a home, but they go for years without being upgraded or attended to. This means that many homes are being controlled by outdated equipment that could waste money and make the home uncomfortable. 

Some of the signs that a new thermostat is a practical and helpful gift are: 

  • Inadequate heating around the home
  • Hot and cold spots in different rooms
  • Inaccurate temperature readings on the existing thermostat
  • High utility bills
  • Issues with humidity
  • Long or short heating cycles over the winter 

Smart Thermostats Benefits benefits

Homeowners' biggest complaints during the winter and especially during the holidays are high bills. Not only are budgets cramped during the holidays with wishlists, but the furnace tends to burn through whatever is left just to keep the home warm. What if there was a way to maximize savings so homeowners didn't have to scrimp through the holidays?

Smart thermostats can set homeowners free from holiday budgetary stress by allowing them to save money on heating bills. Smart thermostats save money by lowering the time that heating systems stay running without lowering the temperature inside the home. It does this by learning the family's habits and adjusting the setpoint when people are gone so the system isn't running all the time. 

Common Smart Thermostat Options 

When shopping for a smart thermostat, it is important to understand various options so the perfect choice can be made when gifting a smart thermostat. Some common helpful features of a smart thermostat are: 

  • Geofencing: This uses smartphone tracking data to adjust the home's temperature so that when people arrive, the home is already warm
  • Smartphone Control: Apps can be used to adjust or program smart thermostats
  • WiFi Capability: Tethering smart thermostats to WiFi makes setup and control easy and universal
  • Energy Reports: Most smart thermostats send monthly energy reports to owners to tell them how much energy they are saving

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