All You Need to Know About Air Filters

FAQs About an HVAC System's Air Filters 

One of the more distressing facts that homeowners can learn is that the air inside their homes is drastically more polluted than the air outside their homes. Even in dusty deserts or smoggy inner cities, the air inside the home is often more polluted than outdoor air refreshed and circulated by the wind. 

The main reason that air inside the home is more polluted is because it is trapped inside the home. Air in the home is trapped, except for air exchange that occurs when doors and windows are opened and the tiny amount of leakage that occurs through cracks and unsealed openings. Every day, the same circulates the home, picking up more dust and chemicals on the journey. 

The one thing every owner has to help with poor indoor air quality is the air filter in their HVAC system. Here is a quick guide to help owners understand why clean air filters and air filtration are so important to the health of those in the home and the reliability of their HVAC system.  

What Does an Air Filter Do? 

The primary purpose of air filters is to keep the air conditioner's internal components clean from the contaminants in indoor air. When air is unfiltered, dust, mold spores, and volatile chemicals can stick to the evaporator coil and ductwork. Over the years, this grime continues to grow and will eventually cause major problems. Air filters ensure contaminants don't reach sensitive components in the central air conditioning system

As a bonus, air filters can also improve health. Since air filters remove pollutants before the air enters the AC and ductwork, clean air is distributed around the home when the system cycles. Using high-quality air filters to remove pollutants can drastically improve respiratory function by reducing allergies and sinus problems. 

When Should Air Filters Be Replaced? 

filterThe industry standard for air filter replacement is every three months. In the majority of homes, this rule of thumb will work to protect the central system as well as keep the air clean. However, other considerations may be needed. Some things that may require more frequent air filter changes are: 

  • The presence of pets and indoor plants in the home
  • Environmental dust such as dust kicked up from dry lots or roadways
  • Allergy sufferers that need extra filtration
  • Manufacturer's recommendation on higher-quality air filters

Why Should Air Filter Replacement Always Be Done on Time? 

saveThis schedule must be observed once the proper filter-changing interval is determined. Dirty air filters restrict airflow in the home, leading to big problems. First, restricted airflow will decrease comfort, making summer feel hotter and winters colder. This will cause owners to adjust the thermostat up or down to maintain comfort, but it will waste energy and contribute to higher monthly bills. 

Another great reason to always change air filters on time is for health. Fresh filters are exponentially more effective at reducing dust and pollutants than dirty air filters. This will allow people to breathe easier and reduce the amount of grime in air ducts over the years, keeping air cleaner on a broader scale. 

About 360 Air Tech

360 Air Tech can help owners struggling to manage poor indoor air quality. Their technicians can recommend the perfect filter and perform AC tune-ups to keep the system in great shape. Call today for AC service in Williamsburg, VA. 

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