Don't Forget the AC Coils During Spring Cleaning!

Improving Your AC’s Performance Starts With Coil Cleaning

Cleaning is a natural part of home maintenance, and any equipment, device, tool, or home appliance that gets this treatment regularly will reap many benefits. Air conditioners are no different. Giving the home’s AC a thorough cleaning won’t just lengthen its lifespan, but it will also improve its performance - and this all starts with a clean set of coils.

Both the evaporator coil and the condenser coil play an important part in cooling a home, and neglecting to conduct AC coil cleaning on either of the two can lead to the following problems:

  • Higher operating temperatures
  • Less comfortable indoor environment
  • Inefficient cooling
  • Higher electric bills
  • Greater wear and tear on the system

Evaporator Coil Cleaning

evaporator coilsAn AC’s evaporator coil is responsible for cooling indoor air by removing heat from it with a refrigerant running through a system of copper tubes. Because of this, evaporator coils have some of the most important functions in an air conditioning system. Anything that bogs it down or clogs it up will affect the entire system’s cooling performance. 

Often, dust and dander collect on the coils. If these particles make a thick enough layer, the evaporator coils fail to properly absorb the heat from the air that passes through it, preventing the AC unit from cooling the home effectively. This is why it’s important to keep an AC evaporator coil clean. 

Condenser Coil Cleaning

condenser coilsTo complete the heat exchange process crucial to air conditioning systems, condenser coils take the heat absorbed by the evaporator coils and disperse them outdoors. Because the condenser coils are located within the outdoor compressor component of the air conditioning system, condenser coils are prone to dirt and debris that blows around outside. Seasonal storms can bring in unwanted scrap or litter, and the dirt consequently reduces the AC’s capability to transfer heat out of the home, affecting its cooling capacity.

Professional Coil Maintenance

While homeowners can do DIY coil cleaning, leaving this delicate procedure to professionals is still best. Not only do experienced and trained technicians have the capability and the know-how to conduct coil cleaning, but they also have the correct cleaning solutions created for a particular AC unit and the proper tools for this precise exercise.

Cleaning the AC coils usually involves using compressed air to blow off loose dirt and debris only from the outside condenser coils. (The evaporator coils inside aren’t the ideal candidate for compressed air cleaning as the air will just blow the dirt into the house). A shop vac usually follows this to remove more stubborn dirt, which is then cleaned with a commercially available coil cleaning solution. 

The whole process may seem straightforward, but with an expensive and complex machine such as an air conditioning unit, rookie mistakes may create more problems and additional costs to repair. It is best, then, to call professional HVAC technicians to do the job and do it well.

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