How to Make 2023 a Breath of Fresh Air

Easy Ways to Improve the Home’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that, ideally, all homes should be free of mold, dust, and dander. The absence of these materials promotes good indoor air quality, which reduces the likelihood of respiratory problems and other concerns. However, improving the home’s indoor air quality isn’t something that happens on its own. It’s something that homeowners actively have to put work into. 

Homeowners can learn how to keep their residences free of indoor pollutants. In the long run, they could benefit in more ways than one–financially, mentally, and physically. 

Change the Air Filters Once Every Three Months 

filtersGood air quality starts with a well-maintained heating and cooling system. Homeowners can maintain these systems by regularly replacing the air filter once every three months, according to EnergyStar. An air filter has an important job. It keeps contaminants from polluting the home’s air. Over three months, an air filter can collect a sizable amount of dust, dander, and other debris. 

Homeowners should replace air filters if: 

  • The AC system frequently turns on and off
  • The home’s energy bills increase
  • There’s more dust on surfaces than usual
  • The thermostat gives incorrect readings
  • It feels more humid indoors than usual

When purchasing an air filter, one should double-check the size, width, and length of the one they need. They may even consider bringing their old air filter to the store with them to ensure they get the right one. They can also call a professional to do this for them. 

Get an Air Purifier 

air purifierThere’s always room for improvement in promoting good indoor air quality. Healthline notes that’s why many people get air purifiers (sometimes called “air sanitizers.” Unlike humidifiers (which add particles to the air), air purifiers remove these pollutants. Some models even sanitize them. 

However, air purifiers don’t eliminate all pollutants from the air. That’s why it’s up to homeowners to regularly charge their air filters and consult with HVAC specialists once a year. 

In addition to getting an air purifier, one should also: 

  • Use a HEPA filter vacuum 
  • Replace carpet with different floorings, like vinyl or tile 
  • Smoke outside 
  • Change the air filter once every three months 
  • Bathe pets often (if needed) 

Big-name companies, like Dyson and Honeywell, make air purifiers. 

Regularly Clean the House 

If someone doesn’t keep a clean home, they can’t expect clean air indoors. People don’t have to be “neat freaks” to keep their home’s air breathable. Instead, they should consider the following: 

The American Lung Association lists some things that homeowners should be mindful of these small things every day: 

  • Put out traps to catch insects, like cockroaches
  • Keeping the home’s humidity level under 50 percent 
  • Cover the trash 
  • Refrain from using scent candles 
  • Avoid smoke (whether from cigarettes or wood) from getting indoors 
  • Storing hazardous chemicals away from primary dwelling areas 

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