Whether you are in the height of a summer heat wave, or preparing for a cold front in the winter, it is vital that your HVAC system is well taken care of. Scheduling maintenance twice a year will lengthen the life of your current HVAC and it will keep it operating efficiently. You save money by not having to buy a new heating and cooling system, and you save money on your energy bill. Trained specialists recommend having your system tuned up every spring, before turning on the air conditioning and every fall, before switching on the heat. Check out 360 Air Techs maintenance club to make sure your HVAC system is always running efficiently. With spring on it’s way, here is what to expect when you schedule a maintenance visit with a trained HVAC specialist, to prepare for summer:


A trained technician will complete a walk-through of your home or office, looking for obvious issues, such as air vents blocked by your couch, or large gaps in exterior doors. They are looking for anywhere that the air flow could be impeded or leak out. You can also be on the lookout for places that reduce air flow efficiency in your home. Anything that blocks air vents, or spaces along doors or windows that air can escape can reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Air-conditioner Check

In the midAtlantic our summers are hot, muggy, and humid. Having a reliable air conditioning system is key to the comfort of your home. Technicians will generally complete a specific checklist to make sure your cooling system is ready to run.

  • Check and change the air filters. The filters should be changed multiple times a year. It is an easy way that you can help maintain the system by yourself. Ask the technician to show you how to replace the filter. The filter will say how frequently it should be changed – usually every 3 to 4 months. If you live in a home with a smoker, lots of pet dander, a high pollen area, or with someone with breathing issues, you may want to consider purchasing a filter with higher quality.
  • Check connections and motors. The technician will make sure all the parts of the air conditioner unit are moving smoothly and are well lubricated. They will also check and tighten connections and measure the voltage of the unit.
  • Calibrate the thermostat. By checking the thermostat, the technician will be able to tell if it is properly calibrated. If it isn’t, they will be able to recalibrate it, saving you money and increasing the system’s efficiency.
  • Check the drain near the boiler or furnace. A clogged drain can cause overflow when water condensation builds up. This is also something you can check on your own, just ask the technician what you should look for.
  • Note if any parts of the air conditioning unit need repair. The technician can see if there are any existing issues, or if there are any warning signs for things that may become a problem.

According to the Department of Energy, there are few air conditioner repairs that are quite common:

  • Refrigerant Leaks: Air conditioners run most efficiently when they have the proper amount of refrigerant – not too much and not too little. If your unit is low on refrigerant, it could have been undercharged during installation, or you could have a leak. A technician can identify the issue, repair the leak, and double check to make sure that it is sealed. Leaking refrigerant causes the system to run inefficiently and it is also bad for the environment.
  • Electric Control Issues: the air conditioner operates with a fan, motor, and wire connections. If any of these wear out or have a bad connection, it can cause big problems when cooling your home or office. Regular maintenance can point out any upcoming problems or fix any existing ones. Instead of thinking you need to buy an entirely new air conditioner, you may just need a bit of new wiring or a fan.
  • Sensor Problems: If a sensor is knocked out of place, it could cause the system to run constantly, which will significantly reduce a system’s lifespan. A sensor that is out of place can’t measure the temperature properly. Replacing the sensor properly is an easy fix for a trained technician.

Don’t wait until your air conditioner gives out in the middle of a heat wave this summer! Give 360 Air Tech a call today to schedule a spring maintenance walk through with one of our highly trained technicians.