Most homeowner’s don’t realize the benefits of a zone HVAC system. Have you ever considered switching from a whole-house HVAC system to something with zones? There’s no better time than now to make the change. There are many reasons why a zone HVAC system is better than a traditional whole-house HVAC. It can save you money on your heating and cooling bill, and it makes spaces more comfortable to live in. It can improve the air quality in your home, and you can individualize spaces based on use and personal preference. If you need your HVAC System upgraded or have questions about a zone HVAC system you can call us now! If you have a zoned HVAC system now and are looking for maintenance or repairs service, we can help. Book an appointment now!

How does a zone HVAC system work?

If you already have ductwork installed in your home, you could have a new HVAC zoned system installed. Instead, if your existing system is still in good shape, you could opt to have remote-controlled dampers installed into the ductwork system you already have. One type of zoned system works by having dampers open or close, to redirect air to specific areas of the house. Another system operates with individual units in each space. If you don’t already have ducts in your home, there are systems that are ductless. This would save money and time on a duct install.

Regardless of whether your system uses ducts or not, the zoned HVAC systems all operate similarly. You divide your home into zones and then adjust the temperature for each on your thermostat, based on your preferences and needs. Many systems have individual thermostats for each zone. Everyone has colder areas that they want to warm up, and if you live with an elderly person, you might want to make their bedroom warmer at night. A zoned HVAC system gives you the ability to tailor each space to your needs.

Benefits of a HVAC Zoned system

Individualized comfort 

If you have children that get cold easily but you sleep better in a cold room, you can turn up the heat in their zone while not having to sacrifice your own comfort. If you work from home, and your office space is always a bit drafty, you can send more heat to that area without heating up the rest of the house. 

Save money

Most of us have spaces in our home that we don’t use all year. If you have a guest room, or sunroom that is only used occasionally or seasonally, you shouldn’t spend energy heating or cooling those spaces unless they are in use. The dampers can re-direct air away from those spaces, and you only heat or cool those spaces when needed.

Easy to use

Most zoned systems work with a set of smart thermostats that can be operated remotely, from a smart phone. These are user-friendly and give you control, even when you are not at home. If you are out for the day, and forgot to turn the heat down, you can do it from your phone. If the temperature drops faster than expected, you can also adjust the thermostat in the desired zones while you’re away, and walk into a toasty space.

Extended lifespan 

You can reduce the workload on your zoned HVAC system by having different zones for heating and cooling. Instead of trying to maintain a constant temperature throughout the whole house, you can lower the temperature in the winter, in unused spaces. This means less work for your system, which leads to a longer life.

A zoned HVAC system is ideal for almost any home or work space because it allows you control and individualized comfort for each zone. Whether you are looking for a new system, or you want to turn your existing HVAC into a zoned system, there are many options to consider. Give us a call today at 360 Air Tech and we will help you determine which brand and model would be the best fit for your home or work place. If you already have a HVAC zoned system and need maintenance or repair, book an appointment for HVAC services now!