Our homes are our safe havens to live in comfort and security. Since the heating and cooling system in our homes is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment to keep in good working order, it makes sense to keep it maintained. How often should you get your HVAC system checked? Checking your HVAC system more often leaves less chance that you will have a surprise breakdown. A good strategy for when you get your system checked out is to plan on twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall.

When the cooler weather is moving in, that is a good time to schedule a free inspection by 360 Air Tech’s heating and air conditioning professionals to assure sure your HVAC is in good working order. Following is a quick summary of a few benefits of getting your HVAC checked in the Fall.

Four benefits of getting your HVAC checked in the Fall.

1. Dependability – Here in Virginia, you probably haven’t had your heat on since last March or April. You probably haven’t given much thought to it. Be prepared. Think ahead and be ready for the cold weather before it gets here. Have confidence that you will have heat when you need it.

2. Less Breakdowns – You really don’t want to face an unexpected breakdown in your heating system. Having your HVAC service company check out your system before cold weather hits, can catch potential problems before they happen.

3. Efficiency – Lubricating where needed and tightening connections will cause your system to work more efficiently and will save on your heating bill. You should also use this time to check your air filters. Clean or replace according to manufacturer’s instructions. This will help the efficiency of your system as well as keep your house cleaner (refer to 4th benefit).

4. Cleaner house – Cleaning out the dust and debris around your unit keeps the dust from your ducts and makes for a cleaner house and cleaner air quality.

Why get my HVAC inspected in the Fall? It isn’t that cold yet.

Why get your HVAC inspected in the Fall, instead of waiting till Winter when it is colder? Because that may be a bit more inconvenient to get on the schedule with your technician, and it leaves open the potential for you to be caught with a breakdown in the dead cold of the winter season.

Avoid being caught out in the cold. When the cold hits many people turn on their heat assuming it will work and work well. Too often they discover their heating system needs repair. It may be running poorly or not at all. This causes your HVAC technician to be very busy, and in that situation, you may need to wait for service or pay extra for emergency service. Schedule early and avoid the delay!